Jungian Coaching - Unlock your unconscious mind to find true alignment

Meet the truly wonderful Maria Tibblin, a Jungian Coach who supports clients with unlocking their unconscious mind to find true alignment, and live with purpose and wholeness.

Maria, is a long-term Silver Lining’s client and in this month’s blog she provides an insight into her personal coaching programme and how the dreamwork is integrated into her approach. 

Jungian coaching stands out as profoundly effective for individuals with a robust ego who are open to exploring beyond its limitations.  

This approach prioritises the desires of the psyche, guiding clients towards a profound journey of self-discovery and alignment with their deepest purpose.

In Jungian coaching, the coach serves as a facilitator, helping clients reconnect with their inner  world and empowering them to let their inner voice lead the way towards a more genuine fulfilling life.

Clients come to Jungian coaching already during a transformative process.

They may have encountered significant life events, experienced inner conflicts, or sensed a deep longing for  personal growth and fulfillment.

As a Jungian coach, my role is to facilitate a sense of structure within the client’s journey. Through listening, insightful questioning, and the application of Jungian principles and techniques, I guide clients in exploring the depths of their psyche and uncovering the underlying patterns and dynamics at play.  

Through ongoing dialogue and exploration, clients gain insights into their core motivations,  values, and aspirations, empowering them to make choices that are aligned with their true  selves.  

We go beyond surface-level symptoms when addressing issues, problems, or challenges. Instead, we explore the deeper significance behind these manifestations, aiming to understand the underlying dynamics at play. By uncovering these underlying patterns, I guide clients  towards discovering their true direction in life.

Several tools and techniques are used to facilitate self-discovery, growth, and transformation.

    • Dreamwork
    • Shadow Work
    • Active Imagination
    • Archetypal Exploration
    • Active listening and questioning
    • The opposites
    • Embodiment
    • Myth and Storytelling

These techniques are tailored to each client’s unique needs and preferences, providing an integrated approach to personal development and self-discovery.

The decision to engage in Jungian coaching reflects a client’s step towards deepening the understanding of yourself, integrating unconscious material, and aligning with your genuine path.

By acknowledging and honoring the transformation that is already underway, Jungian coaching can serve as a powerful tool for further exploration, insight, and growth.

I provide a safe and supportive space,

For clients to delve deeper into their inner worlds, confront challenges, and embrace the fullness of their potential.

Looking to unlock your inner voice with Maria’s help?

Maria has offered a complimentary 30-minute call in which you can discuss intentions and explore any complexities. Please use the following contacts to book your slot:

● info@londonjungiancoaching.com
● +44 (0) 7885 691127


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