Our Story

Here are Silver Linings, we are on a mission to help our clients feel well. That isn’t the absence of illness, it’s the glow that comes from living a balanced, healthy life supported by our holistic wellness programmes.

We take a holistic approach that is both natural and transformational. Whether it be on a magical retreat, in a digital class, at a bespoke event or in the workplace, Silver Linings delivers expert-led wellness that helps our clients shine every day!

Silver Linings is the brainchild of ex-ballerina and wellness warrior, Chrissy Sundt Dolan.

After years of teaching and running some of London’s most exclusive Barre and Pilates studios, Chrissy felt that what her clients really needed was a safe space to restore energies, explore new disciplines and enjoy world class teaching.

So how did we get here….it all started on a beautiful island in the Bahamas where the white beaches were the stunning background to our first retreat back in 2016. Kamalame Cay continues to be one of our retreat homes along with a handful of other boutique hotels set in stunning natural surroundings that inspire transformation.

When the pandemic hit, we ventured into the digital space, first with digital retreat programmes and events for our partners. This led to the creation of our digital studio Silver Linings @Home. With this digital platform, we sought to bring the Silver Linings mix of holistic wellness to our global audience in a way that was true to our retreat roots and that would be delivered to the same high standards.

Our digital studio, now called SL by Chrissy is now exclusively on YouTube.

We continue to offer bespoke wellness experiences whether they be for corporate clients or private events that bring together incredible teachers, therapists, nutritionists, chefs and more. Curating and creating these retreats, classes and events is what we love to do!

“Wellness is a connection of paths:
knowledge and action.”

Joshua Holtz

Wellness Pillars

We love dynamic movement practices like Pilates, Yoga, HIIT, Core as well as calming practices like Yin Yoga, stretching and Qigong. The blend will vary from retreat to retreat depending on our focus, our chosen experts and your needs.

This includes restorative practices like breath work, meditation and sound baths as well as healing therapies like massage, reiki, cacao ceremonies as well as non-invasive face and body treatments. It might also be as simple as taking time. Time to walk on the beach, read, journal or just sit in nature.

We know that good quality sleep is the key to longevity. So we look to create ideal sleeping conditions and mindsets so that you can drift off for those 8+ restorative hours.

We love delicious, seasonal, satiating food that fuels the mind and body on retreat. Our nutritionists work with the chef at each of our retreat homes to create healthy, balanced beautiful menus for you to enjoy throughout your retreats.

Our Experts

Here at Silver Linings we don’t do ‘cookie cutter’ teachers, we work with experts who are highly trained, often teach multiple disciplines, and who are constantly refining their own practice so they can bring this into their teaching. 


We are proud to partner with organisations that share our values and commitment to excellence in all aspects of their work.