Hybrid Wellness / Flexi-Fitness: how to make working out work for you!

We have all fully embraced the idea of working flexibly and creating our own hybrid mix to suit our lifestyle, but many of us are still struggling to create a hybrid wellness mix to match that lifestyle. In fact, many of us are compromising on our fitness and wellbeing because it feels challenging to fit it all in and often employers are slow to support us and ensure that wellbeing remains a priority. 

So, how can we make sure we make time to move mindfully, eat well, rest and sleep deeply? How can we integrate wellness into our flexible working world and find the perfect blend of digital and IRL fitness?

Here’s a few ideas on how to ensure you are creating the perfect mix for you…

It’s all about the planning:

Make a date with yourself every Sunday, to plan the week ahead. Look at how the week is shaping up in terms of work, family, and socials commitments, and decide which days you are going to be working out and where you will be on those days.

This makes it super easy to see when you will need to book in your live digital sessions and when you will want to plan a run, swim or IRL class with your PT or at your favourite studio.  

On our Silver Linings LIVE platform, we send out the ‘nudge’ newsletter every Sunday afternoon to help you get an overview of the live classes available and you can use the new planner to schedule your classes and add them to your diary automatically. There is also always a ‘fresh drop’ in our ‘inspire me’ section if you just need a quick fix!

Get Prepared:

Once you have scheduled your LIVE digital classes and booked in for those IRL sessions then take time to also make sure you have everything you need.  If you are taking the ‘kit’ with you to work or to the school drop off, then prepare it the evening before so you know you have it.  There is nothing worse than arriving at HIIT class without your sports bra (believe me, I have been that girl!) – it also means you are mentally prepared and focused which is also key to getting great results. 

For your digital workouts, make sure you have everything you need to create the perfect environment. We have a great guide for you here and again if you ensure you have that focused time and space for your session, you will really feel and see the benefits.

Mix it Up

It’s all about creating a sustainable mix, not just of IRL and digital, but also of disciplines so that you challenge and restore the body.   

Think high energy a few times a week to really raise your heart rate and build strength and stamina, then balance that with some yoga, meditation, and breath work. That way you will find you are more focused, sleeping better and avoiding injury with repetitive movement patterns. 

You are also keeping it ‘fresh’ so that you don’t plateau or get bored. So often I hear clients say they are bored/not challenged enough….to which my response is always ‘change it up’!  Keeping mind and body fizzing by exploring new disciplines and working with different instructors. Of course…..if you love your mix then stick with it!

Here at SL LIVE we are always creating new challenges with our fresh choreography, new formats and new experts hitting your screens on a weekly basis! 

Consult The Experts & Build Your Community

Not sure what your perfect mix should be? Or how to start integrating healthy eating habits into your busy schedule?  Then ask the experts!

It’s so important to get the guidance you need, that is tailored to your body and that is sustainable.  Ultimately you won’t stick at it if it isn’t simple to put into practice. 

Here at Silver Linings, we have a wonderful team of expert teachers, nutritionists, therapists and bodyworkers. They are always standing by to answer your questions and to help to guide you towards a blend that will ensure your long-term wellbeing.   

It’s also a great idea to find people in your local community who can help you along the way. Seek out that great masseuse, the local acupuncturist, the lovely little Yoga studio where they do some chanting and breath work. All these things will be enjoyable and integrate you into your local community.  

Integrating the plan & Keeping you honest

One of the keys to integrating your wellness programme is letting people know about it. It’s  important that you tell your employer, friends and family about your wellness schedule. That way, they can respect those times when you will be unavailable.   Ideally these times are non-negotiable but as a busy mum and business owner, I definitely know how challenging that can be.  

So, if you do end up moving your digital session or having less time available, don’t just give up on the idea. Try choosing a shorter workout like a Toned in 10 or Sculpt 15. As a movement professional, I have been amazed at how effective and mood-changing those short workouts can be!

 If you end up doing your session with your toddler joining in, then make it fun and interactive for both of you rather than feeling that this isn’t a ‘proper workout’.  If you are moving and having fun then this is just as valuable.   

Part of our mission is to help you stay accountable, on track and showing up on the mat.  That’s why we created our LIVE classes and 48-hour catchup feature. It means you have to show up, you have to roll out the mat and you stay tuned rather than finding excuses like colour-coding your underwear!

Another great way to keep yourself accountable is to invite friends or family members to join you.   You don’t have to be in the same space if that’s not something you prefer. The Silver Linings community is a global one, but we are so excited that you can now share your questions, feedback and photos right away on our app community page.

Review your plan

Once a month do a mini-review of your plan.  Is it working for you or are you setting yourself up for failure by trying to squeeze in too much? Or are you not challenged enough and ready to take on more? This isn’t a case of checking the scales or measuring your waistline, it’s more about lifestyle and taking the holistic approach. In the end it’s got to work for you so if it’s not working, mix it up again and see how that feels.  There is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to wellness. 

So, get planning, try to stay consistent and please don’t hesitate to let us know if we can help you with any aspect of your wellness planning or support you with sticking to it!

See you on the mat!

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