Here at Silver Linings we know that optimising your nutrition is the key to ensuring optimal performance whether that’s on the mat or in the

workplace. As always, our experts are world leaders in their field and are here to support you on your wellness journey.

Bitesize videos

Visit our SL by Chrissy YouTube channel to find our library of short videos on nutrition. Discover simple ways to feel healthy every day.

Delicious Recipes

  • Discover a delicious range of recipes
  • Easy to cook at home
  • perfect for fuelling your working day
  • designed for optimal physical performance


Our approach to nutrition is simple: we all thrive on delicious food that feeds body, mind and soul. We work with expert nutritionists who are here to guide.

you through every step towards achieving the optimal diet for you.
Just as it is on our famous retreats, the focus at home should be on eating non-processed food, gorgeous fruits and vegetables as well as organic meat and non-farmed fish where appropriate.

Making this a simple, tasty and enjoyable part of your every day is our goal!

A bespoke nutrition event

Enjoy a fun, delicious and immersive event for your team or your friends and family with SL:

  • Welcome ginger shot
  • High energy Barre session
  • Restorative Stretch
  • Juice & snack break
  • Sound healing & meditation
  • Nutriton workshop
  • Sleep workshop
  • Lunch & Wellness Q&A

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