Self Love: Let’s Get Intimate With Ourselves!

This month we want to encourage you to get a little introspective, to really explore your needs and feelings.   Getting intimate with how cluttered or calm your mind is and how your body feels will help to guide you on what you really need.   This is of course an ever-changing state, so we need to build in those moments in the day where we ‘check-in’ and then respond to that inner voice rather than simply marching on through our day.   

With time this process will become part of your muscle memory and you will instinctively know what you need to eat, when you need to rest and when you are ready for more physical challenge. 

We invited our Silver Linings Experts to share their ‘go to’ self-care rituals.   We hope you enjoy them and that they may inspire you to start some rituals of your own and above all to take time to connect with yourself. Remember self-love isn’t narcissistic self-absorption, it isn’t selfish, it is essential to your wellbeing so let’s all try some ‘in-to-me-i-see’ and see what happens.

I try to find time amongst a busy day to move my body, stretch and breathe. Even if it’s for just a few minutes.

Every day, in the shower, I wash my skin using exfoliating gloves. It feels great to scrub off dead skin cells. Then, I fully moisturise, without fail, every day. My granny is from Arran in Scotland, and I am in love with their new range of vegan and natural body care products.

Dry brushing - I love to dry brush first thing before my morning cold shower. Dry brushing can help boost circulation, increase blood flow and help with the appearance of your skin. Try a 10-minute dry brush before jumping into a cold shower for 30 seconds for a great morning wake-up!

Eating screen free - When we eat distracted - eating whilst we scroll, email, type, or run about - we can miss our hunger and satiety cues and end up overeating and feeling unsatisfied with our meals. Take 15 minutes out for each meal of the day to enjoy the food you are eating and engage with your senses, not technology!

Grounding Decadence - A warm foot bath laced with Himalayan sea salt feels deeply luxurious and is a great way to offer yourself some love. Let your feet soak as you allow your breath to settle, then follow with a few moments of massage your favourite aromatic body oil.

Tea Time - Rose is renowned for its balancing and mood lifting properties, and one of my favourite ways to enjoy it is in a cup of Yogi Rose Tea, a sense soothing blend of hibiscus, rose petals, lavender flowers and a hint of cinnamon/cardamom sweetness, pepped with ginger.

Sound Soothing - Listening to mantra is a great way to re-connect with yourself no matter what is going on. Take time to lie down and allow the sound to wash over you. My go-to listen is Satnam Kaur’s live versions of ‘Ong Namo’. It never fails to soothe.

In person classes - I make sure I schedule time to attend all my favourite classes - particularly a dance class, hot yoga or a strength and conditioning class. It’s my hour to switch off from the world and I find moving to music, whether it’s dancing or fitness, really calming. I always feel better after a movement class so I ensure I attend two a week.

Walking in London - I also love walking in London - I often walk from one event to the next, particularly at weekends when I have a bit more time. I put my music in and soak up the vibe of London as I walk. That’s also true in all the big parks in London, particularly Richmond Park and Hampstead Heath.

Bath Time - I love a hot bath with some salts. Ever since I was a young dancer, I have always stretched in the bath. This may sound odd but it’s really great for easing the tight spots safely.

Getting a massage -as a busy mum, teacher and business owner, this doesn’t happen very often, but I love getting a really good sports massage. Finding those therapists who really ‘see inside the body’ is just fabulous and so necessary if you train a lot! I really recommend you find someone in your local area and book in for some essential ‘me time’!

We really hope that some of the ideas from our expert resonate with you.   Self-care doesn’t have to be another job on the list but nor should you ignore the need for some essential self-love.   Remember we are always here to answer your questions and support you on your wellness journey.

Chrissy & The Team


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