Full body bridal ready

In this Bridal Ready fitness series, SL Founder Chrissy has drawn on 25 years of teaching experience to create the ultimate guide for brides-to-be as they prepare for the ‘big day’.   In the run-up to her own wedding last year, this series was created and refined so that they would be short, accessible and all you need is a mat and some other household items to do them.   


There is a focus on beautiful posture, toning the arms alongside some calming breath practices to help with any stress and nerves. You can simply follow the guides here or you can enjoy the videos that accompany this series on Silver Linings LIVE. 


We hope you enjoy all these top tips and feel fabulous as you embark on a new chapter.

No.1 Bridal Arms

The first in the series I focus on the importance of toning your arms ahead of the ‘big day’. Often clients are worried that they will get too ‘muscly’ or look ‘unfeminine’ by training their arms, so I have really worked hard here to give you the exercises that hone and tone rather than leave you feeling bulky. 

There are no weights required for any of these exercises and it is always amazing to me how much you can tone the arm muscles
with just body weight and gravity at work! 
So, roll out your mat, choose a motivating
playlist and lets start moving…

No.2 Bridal Energy Boost

In this second session in my ‘bridal ready’ series, I focus on energising and boosting your metabolism with a short up-tempo workout. Often when we feel overwhelmed with the planning and seemingly endless ‘to do’ list it’s helpful to take a break and refocus.

This session is designed to raise your heartrate, spike your metabolic rate, and get the blood flowing. There are also some great toning exercises included, so you will definitely ‘feel the burn’ even in this short session.

All you need is a mat on the floor and some great high-energy tracks to carry you through. I hope it will leave you feeling energised and ready to take on the next job on the list.

No. 3 Bridal Back Body

In this third session, we focus on the back body.   As a bride, it is incredibly important to remember that your back will be ‘on show’ for much of the ceremony. Depending on the kind of dress or outfit you are wearing, you will be admired from the back throughout the festivities, not to mention many of the photos from the big day. 

From a physical perspective, working and strengthening your back body will improve your posture and allow you to open up the
chest and heart centre…..so let’s let the love in
and start working the back body together.

No. 4 Posture perfect

In this sequence I have focused on giving you all the tools to improve your posture and ensure that you will glide down the aisle and through every event with grace and poise. 

Our modern lifestyle means we sit a lot, and our posture tends to suffer, so here are all of my top exercises for counteracting those hours spent at a desk or hunched over your phone.  You will not need to balance a book on your head (although that can be helpful) but I do recommend you do this session as often as possible in the weeks leading up to your big day so that this starts to become second nature and your muscle memory will kick in despite the nerves.   

Worried about walking in your heels and dress? I had a wonderful client some years ago who came to my Pilates studio for several months ahead of her wedding and for the last six weeks we would spend the final 5-10minutes of her session with her walking up and down the studio in her high heels. I cannot recommend enough combining these exercises with walking in your shoes at home so that you can build your confidence and your stamina!

In this final part of my Bridal Ready series, I invite you to join me for some centering breath practices and gorgeous stretches designed to leave you calm and serene as you prepare for the big day. 

Whilst you will need a few props for this session, they can all easily be found at home. This session is one that you can repeat as often as you need to find a little peace and serenity when the planning and nerves become overwhelming.

Remember you can do this as a stand-alone session, or you can put the sessions together to really ramp up those results and start feeling amazing. 

No.5 Calm and serene

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It only remains to wish you the very best of luck and so much joy on your special day.   

I look forward to seeing you on the mat soon!

Chrissy & team x

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