Event Ready in Body, Mind & Spirit

On the day of getting ready for a special occasion, whether a wedding, birthday bash, black tie event or holiday party there are often a lot of critical thoughts swirling around our minds. Big events are not just about the occasion itself but, for many of us, they can timestamp a point of reflection or meaningful life change. 

With the anticipation of being ‘on’ for hours of mingling, intentional listening and sharing hold up a mirror that might be kind and reflect radiance and high self-worth or, can be brutal, leaving us disappointed that we are not shining our best selves. Despite the fun to be had, these occasions are a great opportunity to take out the microscope on where we are and how we feel about our current selves….in mind, body and spirit. I like to call it a “soul-searching survey”.

A few examples of questions that may come up for me are – How do I feel about my achievements? Have I handled life’s challenges with grace? Am I taking care of my body and mind? Do I spend enough of my time being creative or connected to something greater than myself?

If my answers are positive or, at least in the direction of betterment, then I find myself excited to attend the event and can’t wait to make myself seen, share and authentically connect with others. On the other hand, if I haven’t been as virtuous with my overall well-being or lack setting appropriate boundaries, I am sure to feel frumpy, lacklustre, uncomfortable in my own skin and unwilling to open up to others. 

Now, how do we land in our personal best-case-scenario by the time of an event? It comes down to a few things  – energy, mood and confidence.

There are a few easy adjustments that can greatly help elevate ourselves for a big event, as well as in daily life.  Besides, don´t we want to shine our best selves every day and not just for the one off occasion?

Try throwing the number 4 at it

Side note…Our founder and bride-to-be, Chrissy, is probably rolling her eyes because she has heard me talk about 4 being the ´magic number´ for wellness success for an extremely long time. Well…sorry Chrissy…my theory still stands! 

Four truly is the magic number to help you achieve greatness, especially with your wellness goals. If you have the desire for bigger change, commit to starting 4 weeks ahead and make space for 4 times per week to work towards your goal. Believe it or not, even when just starting a new wellbeing habit you begin to feel empowered with a sense of agency in the first four days of your commitment. It is also an achievable amount of time to dedicate without causing burnout and can work for many changes beyond building a better physique, such as – calming the mind with meditation practices, learning a new skill and committing to dietary changes. 

If you want to attempt my tried and tested “magic 4 theory” for an improved mood, increased energy and glowing confidence our Event Ready or Bridal Challenge is for you. It´s a (you guessed it!) 4 week programme of mindful movement, postural exercises, restorative and meditation practices. We promise, you will feel your event- best and shine from the inside out everyday throughout.