The Science Behind Fat Melting Workouts that WORK

At Silver Linings, we emphatically say – YES! Here’s why…

If you’ve ever tried one of our workouts on YouTube (SL by Chrissy), you’re likely familiar with the bulk of our sessions being barre fitness-based, experiencing the deep muscle burn and the ‘shake’ that comes with it. If not, you should definitely hop on board the barre-burn, melt fat, and reap the additional benefits from our sessions. And if you’re already a lean machine without excess fat to melt, keep reading to discover the other hidden treasures (which might include longevity…shhh).

The classic SL barre, burning, and shaking sensations result from various types of muscle contractions (isometric, eccentric, and concentric). Today, we’ll focus on isometric contractions as they zero in on the fat-melting effects of barre and other forms of isometric training.

What is Isometric Exercise?

An isometric contraction is characterised by static muscle contractions without joint movement, creating an incredible list of benefits for the entire body:

  • Muscle activation – improving coordination
  • Strength & Endurance – enhancing your planks over time
  • Improved muscle tone – breakdown and repair of muscle fibres
  • Improved joint stability & reduced joint stress – less pain and more freedom of movement
  • Blood pressure regulation
  • Insulin sensitivity – using insulin instead of storing as fat
  • Increased bone density
  • Stress Reduction
  • Caloric expenditure and boosted metabolism – e.g., Fat melting!
  • “Afterburn Effect” – post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC)… That’s right! Burning fat while you are resting!

While isometric exercise may not burn as many calories as cardiovascular exercise on your fitness tracker during the activity, some studies suggest that isometric training can have even more positive metabolic effects, contributing to overall weight management and improved, lean (not bulky) muscle mass.

Another BIG (and fat-melting) benefit of barre or isometric-focused training is the improvement of mitochondrial function in the cells. Mitochondria are responsible for generating ATP, which is the energy source for cells throughout the body. Sometimes referred to as “tiny fat-melting machines.”

Does Isometric Exercise Improve Mitochondrial Function?

Just by doing as little as 8 minutes of isometric exercise, you’ll be improving your mitochondrial function, creating positive effects in your body composition and overall longevity, such as:

  • Increasing energy – holding that isometric contraction just a little longer creates more mitochondria in the cells, which equals more energy as well as fat burning
  • More mitochondrial signalling – which means your entire body will be better and faster at nearly everything. Plus, it will heal faster.
  • Improving hormone response – releasing human growth hormone and insulin-like growth factor, which makes you look and feel younger than your biological age

There is still a lot we don’t know about isometric training as well as mitochondria, but the science and clinical observations are proving impressive. Maybe not everyone wants to necessarily melt fat, but no one can deny the incredible added treasures of enhanced energy production, cellular resilience, and reduced oxidative stress, as well as improving neurological health for an overall better quality of life and daily living.

Who can deny a lean and strong physique combined with better aging and longevity all packed into one workout isn’t amazing? We sure can’t!

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