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Wellness Travel Guide
Wellness Travel Guide

If you fall into the camp that love training whilst on your travels then you will love our Wellness Travel Guide tips for wherever you are. 

Over the years I have been privileged to work and have fun in some far-flung places and I can honestly say that once you get into the habit of preparing, packing the right things and making a little time for yourself everyday it will become second nature.

Plus, squeezing in a short session before hitting the hotel breakfast buffet is a huge win!

My 7, go-to travel essentials

1. Mat or towel:

If it’s the former, and like me you just can’t manage without your trusty mat, then make sure you buy a good travel bag (one with a cross body strap) and hide it from the lovely staff checking you in so that you can sneak it onto the aircraft. If you are happy on a towel or a borrowed mat….then it’s all good!

Wellness Travel Guide

2. Outfits

Limit yourself to maximum two full sets.   These should be items you can wash yourself and that will look fine after they drip dry.   Personally, it’s a largely monochrome or all black palette as these travel and dry better.

3. Handwashing powder/liquid

For the set you just wore!

Wellness Travel Guide - yoga stretch on grass

4. Trainers/sneakers;

After years of fighting this one, (I teach mostly disciplines that are practiced barefoot: Pilates, Yoga, Barre) I have given in and made a habit of packing practical shoes for walking, hiking, HIIT these are a key part of my Wellness Travel Guide as it ensures I can take part in all activities.

5. Swimming costume/trunks:

Just pack it…..there always seems to be a pool, lake, fjord, jacuzzi, hammam or something….and we ALL prefer our own swimmers.

6. Sunscreen

I am a sunscreen ‘junkie’ and love SunBum (fully vegan and the BabyBum range is great for little ones), SuperGoop (its invisible and stays on), ISDIN spray (amazing for water sports). 

7. Music

Make/download/curate some playlists (or grab one from Silver Linings) this is not only workout enhancing but trip enhancing. They become the soundscape for your travels and a wonderful audible reminder when you return home.

optional wellness travel guide extras:

Cork Ball for myofascial release

It weighs nothing and if you have been on one of our retreats you will know it’s a great little tool.   

There is lots of information online also on how to use these little pieces of apparatus and the long-term physical benefits are huge.

SL Resistance Band

Again, it doesn’t take up any room in your luggage and can enhance your workout and your results massively.   It can also double as a strap for stretching! Keeping up with my mobility helps my body to feel good and ensures I travel well no matter what.

Check out our YouTube channel to enjoy workout sessions from anywhere, at anytime.

Make sure to save this Wellness Travel Guide to your bookmarks as a reference for your next getaway!

Travel well!

Chrissy & Team

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