Upgrade your Summer workouts & wellness

Long gone are the days when my clients would disappear in early July and return to the studio in early September bemoaning all the chips they had eaten and how they hadn’t worked out in ‘forever’. Read on for our full guide on how to Upgrade Your Summer Workouts & Wellness…

My biggest prediction for 2024 is…

That we will be incorporating wellness into our holiday plans wherever our travels take us. So here are just a few ideas on how to do that and enjoy a beautiful summer shining from the inside out!

At the Hotel:

Many hotel and villa companies offer a myriad of fitness options and treatments.
But how to access the best teachers and healers where you are?


◇ Check out their on-line schedule and spa menu.
Often, they will include biographies of the teachers they have on staff or visiting specialists. You will quickly get a feel for how experienced and authentic the classes and treatments are likely to be.

◇  Once you arrive, head to the spa and take a look at the wellness space/studio. Again, a quick glance around the room and at the apparatus will give you a good gauge of what to expect.

◇  Not convinced? This is the moment to revert to your favourite ‘digital’ solution (SL by Chrissy of course!) and request to borrow a mat and find a beautiful quiet spot to enjoy your own workout.

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At the Villa

It can be really fun to get your villa company or concierge to arrange some sessions and treatments in the privacy of your holiday home.

◇ Do some research or ask your concierge to send you links or biographies for the teachers they are recommending.

◇ Try to ensure that there are enough mats and space for everyone to move safely and in comfort. Towels and tight spaces can be challenging in my experience!We recommend these lightweight and versatile mats

◇  It’s important to share information on differing abilities before your teacher arrives so they can ensure you have the best experience. Ditto with treatments.

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Seek out the fun

I love discovering new teachers, healers and activities wherever I am. So let’s get out there this summer:

◇ Get a recommendation of a local studio to experience authentic movement. They will have all the necessary apparatus and props to ensure maximum safety and enjoyment.

◇ Get outdoors and enjoy new activities whether that’s surfing, paddleboard, hiking, rafting etc.
There is always something new to discover and enjoy with loved ones.
Research tells us that exercise done out of doors is 20% more effective so let’s ditch the gym and get outside in the summer months!

◇ I always recommend a blend of training and movement so it’s great to challenge yourself with something totally new or something you may not have done in a long time.
Just ensure you do it with guides or teachers who are well trained and come highly recommended.

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Set Some Mindfulness & Nutrition Goals

Holidays are a great time to start new healthy habits that last. With the luxury of time, carve out space to try something new.

Here are just a few ideas:

◇  Journaling – bring a notebook and pen, have it by your bed and start each day with a little gratitude practice or 5-10 minutes of journaling your dreams, reflections and feelings.

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◇  Breathwork – try to set aside just 5 minutes to do some breathwork or meditation.
This could be a guided meditation using an app or simply some deep breaths and sitting quietly.

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◇  Eat more plants – often this feels easier in the summer sunshine and if you are travelling to the Mediterranean then your holiday could be a good time to embrace a more plant-based diet with lashings of olive oil (I highly recommend the Blue Zones book or netflix series if you want the scientific proof on this!)

If you would like more personal support on how to Upgrade Your Summer Workouts & Wellness or looking to plan the ultimate, bespoke wellness experience with Silver Linings then please do not hesitate to contact us.  

We will be supporting you all summer with our regular fresh drops on SL by Chrissy and wishing you safe travels and happy landings wherever you are heading.

Upgrade Your Summer Workouts & Wellness


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Our Summer Series features 15 minute Barre sessions filmed outside in the sunshine. Why not take your mat outside for an endorphin-packed session today – all you need is a mat!